About Just Being Kids

Just Being Kids Inc. is a recently incorporated not for profit organization. This organization has been initiated within our community to assist and support our youth in their journey of growing up in these challenging times.

Our vision is:

To support the transition of today's youth into the planners, developers, makers and leaders for tomorrow's world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank David Trimble for his willingness to donate his time and energy to teaching art classes on the Montague Waterfront each Friday this summer, and then donating the proceeds of the Art Auction to Just Being Kids Inc to help us accomplish our goals.

It is our hope that $15,000 can be raised through the Art Auction and we have committed to using the funds as outlined below:

First $2000 – (Coats for Kids) We will use the first $2000 raised to purchase coats, hats and mittens for children who may not be able to afford them and would otherwise go cold this winter.

Next $5000 – (Sports for Kids) We will use the next $5000 to help offset the cost for underprivileged children to play sports. We want children to have the opportunity to enjoy active lifestyles and participate in organized sport, and do not want cost to be a hindrance to that end.

Next $3000 – (Jobs for Kids) We will use the next $3000 raised to help leverage funding to create job opportunities for youth. We feel strongly that today’s youth need employment opportunities to teach them the value of work and increase their self-esteem.

Last $5000 –(Skatepark for Kids) We will use the last $5000 to pay back the amount owing on the skatepark that was established at the Cavendish Farms Wellness Centre last year. We believe we all need to live within our means and must be responsible to meet our obligations and commitments.

Any funds raised above and beyond the $15,000 will be allocated to the top three priorities above.

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